January 4, 2009

Our catches on Ima komomo SF-125 !!!

Ima Komomo SF-125
Length: 125mm
Weight: 16g
Depth Range: 0~30cm
Type: Floating Shallow runner

The komomo is the very first lure from Ima launched in 1998. The company's name shot to fame after saltwater anglers realised the fish catching ability of the Komomo.

The swimming action imitates slender-bodied baitfishes that exist in all bays and oceans.
The Komomo performs best on a slow retrieve in slow-moving water.
It's natural rolling movement is a perfect visual attractant to lethargic gamefish looking for an easy meal.

There's no protruding diving lip to ruin the natural appearance or rob it of precious distance on the cast.

The Komomo is primarily used to target gamefish cruising just beneath the surface.