November 6, 2010

Our catches on Ima Barbarossa 120!!!

Ima Barbarossa 120
Length: 120mm
Weight: 33g
Depth Range: 20~80cm
Type: Sinking Pencilbait

The ima barbarossa continues the evolution of sinking lipless baits. 
Extremely versatile in application, the Barbarossa has broken countless stalemates when the fishing gets tough & tricky.
The lift-and-drop technique continues to inspire and produce, registering hits when the Barbarossa is allowed to wiggle enticingly when paused and allowed to sink.
An all-new design produces more vibration than usual lipless sinking baits, allowing the angler to feel that extra bit of connection with the lure , while easily manipulating it.
On a slow steady retrieve, the Barbarossa is able to maintain it's wide S-shape swimming action while commanding the shallows.
The most amazing attribute of this lure is the amazing distances it is able to cover on ever cast. With more distances covered and the lure spending a longer time in the water, the Barbarossa is an extremely effective search bait for combing the flats and bay areas.