December 21, 2011

Our catches on Ima Sasuke 105 !!!

Length: 105mm
Weight: 13g
Depth range: 50~80cm

Coping with a big fish at the end of the 120mm-140mm sized minnows has always been a problem for most anglers.
Lures of this size generally come with 3 treble hooks in the size 4-6 range which spaces them out to prevent them from catching each other.
In order for the lure to swim properly, these hooks are constructed of light gauge wires which may not hold up very well against larger fish especially when you have no choice other than to battle it out with your quarry on high drag.

Considering the fact that our tropical fish are robust in the fight and they too, tend to congregate around snags. Landing these pesky guys are just a matter of luck, hoping that the hooks hold up and at the same time, the fight must not be pro-longed to prevent the hooks from opening up due to metal fatigue.

We all wish that our lures could hold heavier gauge hooks and at the same time, swim and perform in the same class as it would with the light gauge hooks fitted on.

So here comes the Sasuke 105. With 15mm being the difference between it's 120mm big brother that has taken our local luring scene by storm, I felt that this plug would be another revelation due to the slightly smaller profile. I spent some time testing this plug out and it did just as well to rival it's bigger brother in terms of catch rate, at the same time, proving deadly to the smaller fishes that tend to shy away from larger lures. 15mm it may be, but it will be all the difference in the world when the fish start to get picky.

The main thing that caught my attention was that this lure was designed to hold just 2 treble hooks. I was able to fit hooks of a heavier gauge such as the Decoy Wide Gap W-77 treble without significant impact on the lure's factory tuned swimming action. I felt significantly more confident each time a fish tapped my lure close to cover, knowing i have adequate power in reserve to turn it's head away from cover.
The Sasuke 105 is like a little fat bullet. It is extremely buoyant and after switching out the light gauge hooks, i noticed that the action of the plug was distinctively sharper and it even made the lure more stable.

I will continue testing it out on the usual suspects, this time with much more confidence knowing i can button down on my drag if the need arises.