January 4, 2009

Our catches on Ima Bita !!!

Ima Bita 60SR
Length: 60mm
Depth Range: 10-40cm
Type: Sinking minnow

Ima Bita 70
Length: 70mm
Weight: 8g
Depth Range: 60~100cm
Type: Sinking minnow

Ima Bita 80 SR
Length: 80mm
Weight: 10g
Depth Range: 10~40cm
Type: Floating Minnow

The Ima Bita is a shallow running plus that imitates baitfish in shallow flats.
The unique bib design enables it to stay in tune and maintain high stability in the fastest and wildest retrieves.

An exceptional attribute of the Bita 60SR is the subtle impact it displaces in the water that attracts strikes from larger fish in heavily pressured waters.

It has re-defined the effectiveness of pint-sized minnows in tricky situations.