August 27, 2011

Bullied once again !!!

Remember the Article featuring my dear friend Norman and his Ima Sasuke 140 (裂波)???
Not to mention his bust-offs and opened snap-locks? He is back with another report this time:
After the previous encounters with the lunkers, my dear friend has been frequenting this particular fishing ground in hope of landing one of those elusive dream monsters.
On this fateful night, he choose to fish a slow out-going tide, identifying the drop-off as the distinct terrain change in this particular fishing ground
After 30 minutes of fruitless casting, Norman decided to employ a different technique.
He would cast for maximum distance, work the lure back fast and stop the lure dead in it's tracks just before the drop-off. He would then allow it to hang motionlessly in the drop zone for a short moment before completely retrieving it slowly into the shallows.
After a couple of casts, he had a take so forceful it almost ripped out the rod from his hands due to the locked-down drag of his Stella.
The fish was too fast for Norman. It swam parallel along the drop-off, searching for a distinct cluster of rocks before surging right into it.
The rod snapped back. The line was cut off by the fish.
Losing his last Sasuke, he clipped on his next lure of choice which was the Ima Gyodo 130MD:
Employing the same technique and retrieval, he registered another hit but this time, the fish stood no chance against his tackle, it was not able to strip even an inch of line from his Stella.
The fish was a Mangrove Jack of 5.5 Pounds.
A very respectable fish by any standards but still not quite the quarry Norman was after...
Nonetheless it proved to be the only catch after another night of frustration.
The fish that his tackle didn't even stand a chance against still remains a mystery.
Better luck next time !!!