January 4, 2009

Our catches on Ima Gene 130 !!!

Ima Gene 130
Length: 130mm
Weight: 14g
Depth Range: 40~60cm
Type: Floating Jerkbait

The Ima Gene 130 is the new generation of high performance 5-inch minnows.

Alongside the Ima Keep 90S & Sobat 80S, the Gene has worked it's magic on pelagic species such as Queenfish and Giant Trevally.

The design of the Gene is sleek and engineered for longer casts. It knifes through the air to reach amazing distances even when casting in strong headwinds.

Best of all, the Gene excels in strong currents and fast tidal flows where other 5-inch minnows tend to fail miserably, it noses down and swims strongly in the toughest water conditions during blistering high-speed retrieves.

Rough seas and white-capped surfs do not deter the Gene's stability and consistency to perform and catch that trophy saltwater gamefish !