February 2, 2010

Our catches on Ima Sasuke 120裂波 !!!

Ima Sasuke 120 ()
Length: 120mm
Weight: 17g
Depth Range 70~90cm
Type: Floating Jerk bait

Constructed of tough ABS plastic, the Sasuke is a distance casting dynamo even in the wildest of ocean breezes.

Weighing a mere 5/8 of an ounce, it outcasts the majority of competitor lures due to a superior weight-shifting system. It is truly an angler's dream to cast.

The dense tungsten balls transfer to the tail as the Sasuke hurls forward on the cast, covering incredible distance which was once out of reach.
When retrieve is commenced, the tungsten balls roll back to the front section where the weights are locked precisely in place to weigh the nose of theSasukedown for the duration of the retrieve.
The now fore-weighted nose of the Sasuke gives it incredible stability even in the roughest of waters.
Meanwhile the tail end, being free of weight, wriggles enticingly and frantically.

The tight immense swimming action mimics that of the ocean's plentiful herring and shad species which most gamefish feed on - rendering it a lure you can use anywhere in the world.
In addition to it's tight, vibrating action on a steady retrieve, the Sasuke also excels in darting.

It does not take long for one to realise that even a novice angler can easily induce that deadly darting action with hopeful confidence that it will culminate with the smashing strike of a powerful gamefish.

Since it's introduction to Singapore, the Sasuke has taken the market by storm.
The overwhelming catch reports and the constant empty lure racks in stores cements it's iconic status as one of the deadliest lures that most local anglers never depart for fishing without.