May 31, 2010

Catch Report: Ima Sasuke 140 (裂波) !!!

I recently received a local catch report from a close friend of mine.

He is known to be an extremely hardworking and intelligent angler who specializes in fishing under extremely tough conditions and yet one who never fails to produce results.

Another notable catch was his 12 pound Queenfish taken on Ima Keep 90S under similar conditions.

Here is his report on the Ima Sasuke 140:

Taking up a new challenge, our friend decided to go to a known and over-fished spot in search of old foes.

After being "bullied" by an unknown monster on a 20lb rated rod coupled with a Certate Hyper Custom 3000, our dear friend returned to the same spot the very next night, bent on revenge.

Ammunition of choice was the Sasuke 140. It provided the crucial casting distance, stability and rolling action to entice bites from these finicky gamefish.
Our friend has identified the prime window of the tide table during which these lunkers are actively feeding.
Confidence was high as he returned armed with a Stella 4000 and an Ima Sasuke 140 with beefed up hooks.

He began casting, paying close attention to the ebb and flow of the surrounding waters.
Almost instantly, he registered a hit.
Striking hard, the unknown fish immediately began stripping line effortlessly off his Stella 4000. Instinctively, the adversary used the strong current flow to it's advantage.
Ironically, buttoning down on the drag in a attempt to slow the fish down caused it to peel more line and at a higher speed. (the drag was orignally set at >6kg)
Events turned critical when the fish dived straight down, attempting to cut the line at the drop-off.
Left with no other choice, he high-sticked the rod and started pumping furiously in a bid to steer the fish away from it's destination.
Alas...... it wasn't the hooks nor his reel but the snap-lock that failed ultimately.

Disappointed with the technical failure, a fresh snap was tied on as he went in search of his second quarry with another Sasuke 140.
He didn't have to wait long to engage in battle again given the excellent fishing condition of the night.
This time, the lure was hit right after the lure had past the drop-off.
Short and quick strokes were applied to jack the fish up to the surface as soon as possible to avoid it gunning for the drop-off.
Instinctively, he felt that the fish didn't have the sheer brute strength and power of the previous two unknown lunkers.
Nevertheless, he was surprised that the fish was still able to strip line despite his high drag setting.
A 5 pound Mangrove Jack was landed shortly.
After the customary photo-taking session, the fish was released to fight another day.

He resumed casting but luck was not on his side again as he lost another fish due to the throwing of hooks after a brief tussle.

The night was concluded with partial success.

He has already marked the next "prime" night for fishing and remains hopeful to return with some pictorial contributions of the monsters lurking in the deep.

For now, let's wish him best of luck and our recognition of his perseverance !!!