October 5, 2010

Our catches on Ima Roumba !!!

Ima Roumba
Length: 70mm
Weight: 18g
Depth Range: 0-15cm
Type: Wakebait

Designed and named after Ima Japan Pro Staff - Fred Roumbanis

The Ima Roumba is a unique wakebait that imitates a frog hopping while producing an enticing sound as it does dog-walking at the same time ! The best part is it does it all by itself - so you only have to crank !

Especially effective when worked over shallow aquatic grass, around jetties and amidst standing timber on a slow and steady retrieve.
Be sure to hold on tight and get ready for a massive surface explosion !

The Roumba was designed to help the angler focus less on lure presentation and simply concentrate on catching more and bigger fish !!!