January 4, 2009

Our Catches on Ima Vibe 80 !!!

Ima Vibe 80
Length: 80mm
Weight: 20g
Depth Range: 150cm & over
Type: All range sinking vibration bait

The Vibe 80 is also able to operate faster and deeper when most other vibes would have flipped out and rolled over on their backs. Instead, the Vibe 80 is able to maintain it's frantic wriggling action like no other.
Do not be afraid to increase your retrieves with the Vibe 80 as speed is often a great strike trigger.
An advantage these lipless sinking plugs possess is their un-fixed depth range which makes it extremely versatile. Be it 3 or 15 feet beneath the water surface, the ImaVibe 80 is able to operate at any depth according to the angler's creative manipulation.
It can be used in open waters with no distinct structure or possible fish congregation points as a "search-bait" or worked close to jetties alongside the pylons or over submerged structure to lure predators that ambush their prey.
The Vibe 80 is a secret weapon of many Japanese Pro saltwater anglers and has caught them countless trophy-sized Suzukis.