January 11, 2009

Our catches on Ima Sobat 80S !!!

Ima Sobat 80S
Length: 80mm
Weight: 13g
Depth Range: 20~50cm
Type: Sinking Twitch bait

Since it’s introduction, the Sobat has enjoyed a meteoric rise to become one of the flagship models from Ima Japan. It has impressed many with it's fish-catching ability and has firmly established itself in the arsenal of the local anglers.
Due to it’s high appeal dynamic wobbling and irregular action, the Sobat is proven to produce catches under the toughest conditions in both fresh & saltwater applications.
Every twitch imparted in a retrieve results in an instantaneous and unpredictable darting action which triggers aggressive strikes.
When the retrieve is stopped, the Sobat falls with a writhing movement on a slack line due to the strategically placed shaft balancer.
Despite the lack of a weight transferring system, the Sobat still casts like a dream. Fished from the reservoirs, streams, bay areas to the ocean, the Sobat is an extremely effective search-bait for targetting finicky gamefish.