January 4, 2009

Our catches on Ima Gyodo Heavy Surfer 90 !!!

Ima Gyodo Heavy Surfer 90
Length: 90mm
Weight: 30g
Depth Range: 100~120cm
Type: Sinking

Scope out a spot on the water, load up and fire and you're likely to outcast your mark.

The Ima Gyodo Heavy Surfer was built to go the extra mile and is the longest casting plug ima manufactures.

Largely resembling a plug, the Heavy Surfer behaves more like a jigging spoon. It is extremely versatile.

The Heavy Surfer can be bottom bounced or lifted and dropped to exhibit that irresistible side-to-side wobble.
It's best to follow the Heavy Surfer with a tight line on the downstroke as most strikes occur on the drop.

In the surf, the Heavy Surfer can simply be reeled through the foaming white caps where it will get pounded by fish scouring the rough waters for baitfish.

The Heavy Surfer imitates not just baitfish. The irregular hopping and darting imitates the natural evasive movements of squid, shrimp and crabs.
Coupled with the distance it casts, the sky is the limit to the potential of this ingenious plug.

It's tough to describe the Heavy Surfer but the results it produces are unmistakable as there's nothing else quite like it.