January 4, 2009

Our catches on Ima Honeytrap !!!

Ima Honeytrap 95S
Length: 95mm
Weight: 25g
Depth Range: 30~80cm
Type: Sinking Pencilbait

Ima Honeytrap 70s
Length: 70mm 
Weight: 14g
Depth Range: 20~60cm

The ima Honeytrap is right at the frontier of the next generation of sinking pencilbaits.
Effective at working the different water columns of the ocean, the Honeytrap is one of the most versatile plug ima has created.
It can also skip the surface or dive just under to mimic fleeing baitfish by controling the angle of the rod tip and retrieval speeds.
The Honeytrap also wobbles tightly when it sinks, strikes are often detected when the Honeytrap falls enticingly which most fish find irrestiable.
The sky is the limit to what this amazing plug can do as proven by the countless catch reports.