September 30, 2009


New models of Ima lures have finally arrived !! We are now creating photo categories for the new models. There is a lure competition ongoing till the end of October for all catches with Ima lures, with each new model in a category on its own, a total of 6 categories so everyone has room to play and concentrate on their areas of expertise. 
Please send in your entries via Lure haven. 

More information can be obtained from our showroom: 

It will be exciting to see our local boys show off their catches at the end of these 2 months. Hopefully, we will get more of those anglers at the backstage out to show their stuff to the world as well. Yeah, you know who you are!!!

A brief introduction to the new models released :

Ima Nabarone 150F - A larger version of the highly rated Nabarone 125. This lure is squarely targetted at big barramundi, big barracuda, big groupers. Note the emphasis on big, BIG LURE = BIG FISH. Surprisingly, it is also one of the most successful lure ever proven on PEACOCK BASS here locally, something not many anglers would have thought of. We are talking about TEMENSIS (cichla temensis) here, the larger variation, not the Butterfly Pavon (cichla ocellaris). Yes, we already have pictorial reports of Cichla Temensis on this lure. Yes... MANY... BIG... 

Ima Skimmer - As its name suggests, this lure skims on the surface, imitating a frantic baitfish trying to escape. Slow down a bit and it darts side to side, much like an escaping sardine or milkfish. The magic of this lure is the ability to cast extremely long distances despite it's relatively light weight and it's minimal impact on the water prevents it from spooking wary fish. In saltwater, I would see this lure applicable for small pelagics from shore, queenfish, small trevally, small mackeral. Already proven to be deadly on the butterfly variation of peacock bass locally, it will be interesting to see how this lure works on the other species of our freshwater impoundments.

Ima Roumba - This outstanding lure is perfectly sized to appeal to most of our tropical lure munchers. Extremely versatile from working the surface to subsurface. This lure is the definition of an invitation for trouble. It rolls temptingly near the surface creating a wake and controlled turbulence that lets every other fish in the area know of its presence. This lure will definitely be a BIG BANG when used in snakehead ( Toman ) fishing. I also recommend it for barramundi and groupers in shallow water. In clear water, this lure will be truely outstanding. Like magic, it has the ability to 'call' up fish from deeper water with its distinct swimming action.  Pulsating attacks from big fish on this subsurface lure will shake the hearts of many anglers in the years to come.

Ima Sasuke 75 - The baby of the Sasuke family. Targetting the same fishes as the Sasuke 95. The 75 is even more lively, more responsive, more appealing. Perfect swim depth, perfect profile and size, perfect tight 'SASUKE' trademark action. Producing catches immediately upon introduction, the sasuke 75 will quickly be installed as a staple in every angler's tackle arsenal.

Ima Komomo II - An extremely versatile shallow diving minnow. Crank it in slowly with your rod tip high up and it works almost like a roumba or cast and retrieve it like any other jerkbait. This lure swims even shallower than it's predecessor, the komomo 125-SF. Ideal for casting over weedbeds in the shallows and yet effective at fish-searching in sand flats, this might be what you'll need to fish that particular spot u once thought was unfishable to lures !! In freshwater will see this lure work on snakehead and Peacock bass that are playing just beneath the surface that are just shy of striking topwater baits.

Needless to say, the lures mentioned above can cast great distances as with all IMA lures. The high quality characteristics remains the same.

NEW COLORS - Many new colors are released for Sasuke 120, 140. Honey trap 70 and 95. Heavy Surfer 90. Gyodo 110, 130. These lures remain among the top producers in the Ima range and the crazy new colors keep everyone coming back for more. By the way, all new colors are limited production models. ALL COLOR CODES WITH AN 'X' BEFORE THE NUMBERS ARE LIMITED EDITION COLORS. MADE ONLY ONCE AND NEVER AGAIN. ONCE GONE THEY WILL NEVER BE REPEATED. Do keep this in mind as many anglers have shown traumatic syndromes when they find out that their favourite colors are sold out at Lure Haven. As is normally the case, YOUR favourite color is also EVERYONE ELSE'S favourite color.

A true story of lure fishing imagination....

Recently, I received a catch report regarding one of my friend's friend. This took place in one of the commercial fishing ponds located in the east side of Singapore ( Ed's pond!! ). Its normal to catch fish in a fishing pond, But to catch above average fish on a consistent basis is perhaps the epitome of pond fishing success. Now this guy, he not only catches outstanding fish, but the methods he use are so unorthodox that it will make you wonder what was on his mind at that very moment. Using the IMA GANPEKI jig, he simply casts out and works his jig on a super slow retrieve. His catches to date includes golden trevally, big golden snappers, giant trevallies, even big groupers, basically all the bigger and better fish that they release into the pond. Accordingly, he normally hits the better fishes on his technique. Poor chap loses quite a lot of fish due to busted lines.... 'fish too big'.... thats what he tells me.

A point to note here is that we recommended the lures, but ultimately, it is the angler's own effort and imagination beyond that produced the successful results. There is a limit to how far I am willing to recommend people to use IMA lures for whatever purposes I think they are good for, and I would really have to cross all my fingers and contort my face to recommend someone to go light jigging in a small fishing pond!!!!!

In lure fishing, the art of "OPENING THE LOCK" to hidden success gives the angler so much more satisfaction than actually catching the fish itself. Have you ever wondered why bass anglers in other parts of the world can be so obsessed even after catching what seems like number 10000 of the same species of fish in their lifetime? The anglers pride and joy is actually found in unlocking the secrets to make them bite under different conditions, different habitats, time and time again. That would be the true mindset of the LURE ANGLER.



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