May 31, 2010

Ima 2010 Products Update !!!

We proudly present these New Models from IMA for 2010 !!!

Ima P-ce 100
Length: 100mm
Weight: 17g
Depth Range: 30~60cm
Type: Shallow Runner

Ima Koume 70
Length: 70mm
Weight: 13g
Depth Range: 70~150cm
Type: Sinking Vibe

Ima Koume 80
Length: 80mm
Weight: 15g
Depth Range: 80~180cm
Type: Sinking Vibe

Ima Nabarone 125F Slim
Length: 125mm
Weight: 14g
Depth Range: 40~80cm
Type: Floating Minnow

Ima Ikuk 60
Length: 60mm
Weight: 10g
Depth Range: 100~150cm

Stay tuned for more Pictures of catches on these new models released for 2010 and more !!!