November 20, 2011

Ima Challenge 2012 !!!

Ima CHALLENGE 2012 is NOW ON !!!

All photo contributions from now till 31st December 2012 will be eligible for Ima CHALLENGE 2012

Best Photo for the year 2012 will be entitled to a $500 Ima voucher redeemable from Lure Haven

All participants will be asked to vote for the best photograph.

Here are some ways you can send your winning picture to us:

Via Facebook: Ima Singapore @

Via email: Ima Singapore Blog Admin @

By photograph: Lure Haven @ 10 Bussorah Street, Singapore 199488 Tel: 62974898 (please bring your photograph/memory card down to Lure Haven)

Kindly provide your name, contact number and email address along with the photograph of your prized catch for submission, any lack of the above mentioned details will be refused entry into the competition.

Rules & Regulations
~ This competition is valid only in Singapore. (Sorry in advance to our friends & fans from around the globe) 
~ Photographs submitted must clearly depict the lure used, along with the fish and angler's face.
~ ALL pictures must meet the stipulated rules & regulations before a final decision is passed by the organizing committee.

At the end of Ima CHALLENGE December 2012,
Every participant will be asked to vote for the eventual winner of Ima Challenge 2012.
Every participant who contributes a picture deemed valid by the organizing committee will be entitled to a gift from Ima Singapore as a token of appreciation for their hardwork.
Participants are to bring along their photograph and submit to Lure Haven for verification.

Please note that all pictures will be kept by Staff of Lure Haven.


All participants are to agree unconditionally to the following:

~ Ima Singapore & Lure Haven will not be held responsible for any loss(s), damages(s), injury(s) or mishaps sustained during the course of Ima CHALLENGE 2012.

~ Ima Singapore reserves the right to alter rules & regulations any time without prior notification.