October 21, 2013

Catches from our Friends!

 Here's some pictures from our friends @Tacklesource:

ima Spingulf 20 produces this Amazonian Redtail Cat!

close-up shot of the Spingulf 20!

another Redtail Cat was caught almost instantly after!

no prizes for the guessing the lure used...

the Spingulf 20 continues to produce!

it's an asian redtail cat this time!

another asian redtail cat!

a change to the brighter orange-gold combination works just as well!

Redtail cats love the Spingulf 20!

and another...

another for the camera!

the results were astonishing with what the spintail vibes produced!

Spingulf 20 at it again!

Last one for the day!

micro ima Gunpeki worked deep!

Longfin Trevallies love the Gunpeki!

the night assault continues..

Bigeye Trevallies joined in the fun too

the ima Gunpeki in Cotton Candy with this beautiful Trevally!

Barramundis love the ima Sasuke anytime!

Queensland Grouper!

ima Beasthunter responsible for the brutality!

ima Beasthunter scores another!