April 7, 2014

Interview with ima Tester: Bone Lim

Q: How old were you when you first started fishing?
A: I first started fishing at the age of 8.

Q: How did you started fishing with lures?
A: My uncle first introduced me to Snakehead fishing on topwater lures when I was 12. I was hooked ever since I caught my first one on lure. I could never forget the explosive topwater strikes and very much still love to fish for them today. 

Q: Do you prefer boat or shore fishing?
A: I love all sorts of fishing no matter land-based or off-shore. I fish on shore most of the time in freshwater and saltwater fishing is mostly done on a boat as most of us here in Singapore are not able to have legal access fishing on a boat in freshwater. 

Q: Favourite rod?
A: My favourite rod currently is the Major Craft Skyroad SKR-58M/B. It is short and offers high mobility when I am bashing in the jungle and is able to cast suprisingly well despite the relatively short length. It is generally more than sufficient to land most fish and has a wide casting range of lures from 7-35g. 

Q: Favourite reel?
A: I love fishing with all daiwa baitcasters as they employ the latest casting technology and new materials, pushing the limits of casting distance and  lightness. 

Q: Do you prefer Spinning or Baitcast outfits when you fish?
A: Baitcasting tackle is definitely my preferred choice. I am more proficient in baitcasting as compared to spinning and I feel right at home employing them for accurate or long-distance casts.

Bait casting tackle affords me a more direct and connected feel that spinning does not, hence my preference. 

Q: Why do you like ima?  
A: Most ima lures cast well which is very important for us as we are mostly land-based anglers where casting distance is key to hitting good fish. Lures made by ima have a unique swimming action that works extremely well for me. 

Q: Which is your favourite ima lure & technique of working it?
A: I love the ima Hound Fang 125F and the ima Koume series. Snakehead fishing has taken it's toll and these fishes tend to be more wary of human presence. When topwater lures do not work, the ima Hound Fang will be my weapon of choice, long and accurate casts over the snakehead's rises and a straight retrieval usually does the job. The Koume vibration plug series are my go-to lures for hunting peacock bass and it never fails me. I cast it out as far as I can and allow it to sink to the bottom before starting my retrieve, working it with twitches and pauses in-between. Twitching it will create a unique side-to-side darting action that is deadly and extremely effective.

Q: Favourite target species:

A: Giant Snakehead, Asian Arowana and Peacock bass.

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