April 21, 2014

Interview with ima Tester: Daniel Thian

Q: How old were you when you first started fishing?
A: I  was 10 when my father first taught me how to fish.

Q: How did you start fishing with lures?
A: One day, I caught a fish on live bait in a stocked pond which had a lure stuck on it's mouth. I tied on the lure and within a few casts, landed my very first fish and lure.

Q: Do you prefer boat or shore fishing?
A: I have no preference. I pretty much do both depending on the fish species I am targeting. I never restrict myself to land-based fishing and will always venture into any opportunity to go offshore that comes along.

Q: Favourite rod?
A: My favourite rod is the ima X Apia Foojin'AD Energy Flow 92ML Seabass rod. It is a limited-collaboration model between ima and Apia which was developed to fish ima lures effectively. Long distance casts are a breeze and the rod feels light in hand which is important for a long day out on the water.

Q: Favourite reel?
A: My favourite reel currently is the Shimano Stella. Effortless and powerful cranks each time and that signature silky smooth enhances the fishing experience. Long and tangle-free casts as well as the ultra-reliable drag adds to the long list of features this reel boasts.

Q: Do you prefer Spinning or Baitcast outfits when you fish?
A: It depends a lot on the type of fishing I do that influences my choice of tackle. I prefer using long seabass rods with a spinning reel in open waters that require fast retrievals as spinning reels pick up line faster. I mostly use baitcasters in tight quarters where accuracy is required to present your plug with precision and power to steer fish away from heavy cover.

Q: Why do you like ima?
A: ima makes very innovative lures that are creative and pushes the boundaries of conventional lure swimming actions that work very well for me. I recalled my first time fishing with the ima Sasuke - I have never casted a jerkbait which weighs a mere 5/8oz. that can attain such extreme distances. With the superior weight transfer system of the lure, I am able to cast further while reducing stress and fatigue on my wrists, allowing me to fish longer comfortably for longer periods.

Q: Which are your favourite ima lures & technique of working it?
A: I love the ima Sasuke series and Honeytrap/Barbarossa (sinking pencils). The sasuke series has proven to be irreplaceble for me when targetting Barramundi. A slow and steady retrieve which some pauses in-between usually does the trick. The Honeytrap/Barbarossas are my favourite to use when the fish are cautious as the unconventional free-falling action produce strikes even in the most difficult fishing situations. Not only are they superb casters, I am able to fish them at all ranges across different depths.

Q: Favourite target species:
A: Barramundi, Peacock bass and Groupers.

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