February 9, 2015

imatalk #1: Lewis shares his tips on the ima Helips!

The secret weapon for shallow water trophy fish!

ima Helips . 57mm . 11g . propbait

The Helips is a dual-propeller propbait. Despite it's relatively small size, it is able to create a tremendous commotion with the slightest twitch of your rod. The body is extremely buoyant, perfect for short dives under the surface and popping right out again while staying in the strike zone.

The Helips was designed for close cover topwater game in shallow clear or weedy waters. Despite the dual-propellers and light weight, it casts reasonably well. I am able to shoot this bait on low side casts under overhanging trees a good distance.

This lure delivers great success fishing in and around cover. I'd love to cast it beside weeds and fallen trees to draw predators lying in ambush. The Helips has quickly established itself among my arsenal as my pick for snaggy waters. Most fish within close proximity of the Helips will quickly be drawn to it's presence created by the loud props and it leaves a tremendous bubble trail in it's wake!

I've had great results using a variation of retrieval techniques that work well in our waters.

1. Cover Casting - Cast the Helips beside structures such as fallen trees or thick weeds. Allow it to sit for a couple of seconds before imparting a hard twitch to draw the attention of fish in the proximity. The Helips will dive right under and pop out of the surface again. Repeat for several rounds before picking your next target

2. Reaction Bites - Survey the water for surface activity or scout for potential fish-holding spots. Commence retrieve immediately when the lure touches down. Fish in hiding will react aggressively to the Helips and grab it without hesitation.

3. Open Waters - Crank for a couple of rounds, lower your rod and sweep it downward. Pause for 1-2 seconds and sweep again before repeating over. I've had fish chasing down the Helips and repeatedly striking the lure before eventually finding the hooks.

Here are some pictures of Peacock Bass and Arowana I've caught using the ima Helips right here in Singapore!

Have fun playing with the ima Helips!

Lewis Ang
ima Singapore