February 8, 2015

Interview with ima Tester: Max Tan

Q: How old were you when you first started fishing?
A: I was 7 when fishing was taught to me by my father, in a fishing pond.

Q: How did you start fishing with lures?
A: My friend suggested to go fishing at a "secret spot" his colleague introduced to him. I stumbled upon my father's lures while through his fishing gear in preparation for the fishing trip. I decided to bring it to give it a try, which eventually landed me my very first fish on lure, a Peacock Bass. This got me hooked to lure fishing.

Q: Do you prefer boat or shore fishing?
A: I generally prefer shore fishing but I definitely like boat fishing as well!

Q: Favourite rod?
A: Currently my favourite rod for Baitcasting would be the Major Craft MS-X (MXC-66M) 10-16lb
For spinning it would be the Major Craft MS-X (MXS-64UL) 3-7lb

Q: Favourite reel?
A: Baitcaster - Shimano 13' Metanium
Spinning - Shimano 14' Stella C3000

Q: Do you prefer Spinning or Baitcast outfits when you fish?
A: I use both at any given time however, I tend to use baitcasting outfits in Freshwater and Spinning gear in Saltwater. It ultimately depends on what target species I am fishing for and what kind of lures I intend to cast which affects my choice in the type of tackle I use.

Q: Why do you like ima?
A: Being rather new to lure fishing, one would generally experiment and try out with most of the lures available in the market. I thought of giving the "more expensive Japanese Domestic Market" lures a try and purchased an ima Bita Moge 66 in pink - my very first ima lure which to my amazement, caught me more fishes than the other lures I had which piqued my interest and resulted in me buying lots of ima lures.
In my opinion, ima lures are unique in their own way although most of them are made for Japanese Sea Bass, each plug can be worked differently to produce different swimming actions, which is what our local fish seem to love!

Q: Which are your favourite ima lures & technique of working it?
A: The ima Bi-ta70 is one of my favourite freshwater plugs. I love casting it ino fast-flowing rapids as it maintains its beautiful wide wobbling action and will not tumble despite of the rough waters. Simply cast and retrieve this lure with varying speeds to catch a fish!
The Honeytrap 70S is another firm favourite of mine due to the slightly small profile and it's ability to get a good distance as it weighs 14 grams. It wobbles when retrieved and flutters as it sinks. It's a world of endless possibilities on what this lure can do!

Q: Favourite target species:
A: Freshwater - Mahseer, Jungle perch. Saltwater - Giant Trevally.

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