February 8, 2015

Interview with ima Tester: Lewis Ang

Q: How old were you when you first started fishing?
A: I had my first experience with fishing at the age of 16.

Q: How did you start fishing with lures?
A: I was 18 when I tried my hand at lure fishing.

Q: Boat or land-based fishing?
A: I love fishing offshore but most of my fishing is done on land. I love wading in rivers/mountain streams or trekking in the jungles to pursue my target fish.

Q: Favourite rod?
A: My favourite rod for now is the ms-x mxc-67mh baitcasting by Major Craft. It's light and powerful besides being extremely responsive which is very handy as I like to work my lures.

Q: Favourite reel?
A: I love the Shimano Metanium 2013 series baitcasting series. The casting range of the reel is very versatile which allows me to cast light to heavy lures a good distance without having to change reels or entire outfits. My other favourite is the Shimano Aldebaran BFS XG which I use for finesse fishing, focused on throwing mainly the finesse lures from ima.

Q: Do you prefer Spinning or Baitcast outfits when you fish?
A: I use baitcasting gear most of the time mainly because I prefer fishing in closed terrain with more emphasis on power and control needed to yank fish out from cover in the shortest time possible. I use spinning outfits mostly when I'm jigging offshore.

Q: Why do you like ima?
A: ima lures work very well for me. I love the swimming action as well as the seasonal unique-released colours. The swimming action of ima lures are very attractive to me, not least to say the fish!

Q: Which are your favourite ima lures & technique of working it?
A: Helips, LiL' voice, Sasuke 98, Foxy Fry & Gyodo Survivor 70

Q: Favourite target species:
A: Emperor Snakehead, Temensis & Arowana

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